Introducing the 5 most haunted places in W.Va.

Introducing the 5 most haunted places in W.Va.
Old penitentiary
Harpers Ferry, WV
Hikers gaze down on Harpers Ferry, which erupts in ghostly activity as the sun begins to set.

No. 4: Historic Harpers Ferry

Whole armies of ghosts are said to march through the countryside above Harpers Ferry, not coincidentally one of the most important historic locales in West Virginia. Here in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains where the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers join, the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park protects a landscape untouched by time. Ghostly residents reputedly haunt its cobbled streets and stare with empty eyes from windows overlooking a landscape little changed since the Civil War and John Brown's murderous rebellion there. Click Box 5 below to see the next haunted place.

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