Introducing the 5 most haunted places in W.Va.

Introducing the 5 most haunted places in W.Va.
Old penitentiary
Blennerhassett Hotel at Parkersburg, WV, Wood County, Mid-Ohio Valley Region
The Blennerhassett Hotel is one of many haunted landmarks in Parkersburg,

No. 5: Parkersburg, West Virginia

There's no generally accepted reason for the relatively large number of hauntings experienced at Parkersburg. Perhaps activity here is a result of its situation on the Ohio River at the mouth of the Little Kanawha River, once known as the River of Evil Spirits. Native Americans feared its floodwaters, in which whirlpools would quickly appear. Weeping statues, shadowy phantoms, and outright evil revenants inhabit its historic mansions and wander its wharves and avenues. Click Box 6 below to see a list of W.Va. ghost tours.

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