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Reference cards for Hat Factory

Dawn breaks over the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve, home of the 2019 World Scout Jamboree. Photo courtesy Boy Scouts of America.

ABOUT the sheltered garden ground
The trees stand strangely still.
The vale ne'er seemed so deep before,
Nor yet so high the hill.

An awful sense of quietness,
A fulness of repose,
Breathes from the dewy garden-lawns,
The silent garden rows.

As the hoof-beats of a troop of horse
Heard far across a plain,
A nearer knowledge of great thoughts
Thrills vaguely through my brain.

I lean my head upon my arm,
My heart's too full to think;
Like the roar of seas, upon my heart
Doth the morning stillness sink.

Dawn at the Bechtel Summit
1812 map showing War Fording on New River


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