Monument to goat mysteriously appears in central W.Va.

Monument to goat mysteriously appears in central W.Va.
A memorial to a legendary goat that lived along U.S. 19 appears on a cliff. (Photo courtesy B.J. Woods)

Travel and tourism officials in central West Virginia were unsure Tuesday afternoon who might have installed a memorial silhouette of a goat along the U.S. 19 atop Powell Mountain.


Social media lit up as news spread of the homage to a she-goat that had become an icon while grazing the cliffs along the expressway over the past decade and a half.

Though no one had claimed responsibility for the goat-shaped board as of mid-afternoon, Marianne Taylor of the Summersville Convention and Visitors Bureau said she's not surprised.

"People from all parts of this country—not just West Virginia—were fascinated by her," Taylor said.


"And we'll be publishing a story on her in the upcoming visitor's guide, coming out January 1, and whenever we publish anything on her, our social media just explodes."

Go here to request a copy of the visitor's guide with the honorary story.

Officials at the W.Va. Department of Highways said they were also unaware of the installation, though photographs were being shared across social media.

An escapee from a local farm, the goat lived alone for much of her life on Powell Mountain north of Summersville, West Virginia, where travelers had become used to seeing her.


After 16 years atop the mountain, she disappeared in mid-winter of 2019. Though some speculated she was captured or killed in a vehicle collision, Anne Johnson, who frequently photographed the goat, believed it had died of natural causes, having lived a full life span for a goat in the wild.

Stay tuned to this page for updates. Read more here about the Powell Mountain Goat.

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