Saturday, September 19, 2020

W.Va. organizations form Veterans-to-Agriculture advisory council

A West Virginia veteran has opened an apiary service.
During the 2019 State Fair of West Virginia, a Veterans-and-Warriors-to-Agriculture Advisory Council was formed to establish a cooperative body to tackle veteran issues through...

Queen Anne's Lace a notable West Virginia wildflower

A tiny purple flower appears in a center of a circle of Queen Anne's Lace. Photo courtesy Randy Laxton.
A common West Virginia wildflower, though not an American native, Queen Anne’s Lace appears to have traveled ahead of European settlers as they arrived...

2019 industrial hemp application period set to open

Young hemp plants thrive in a West Virginia field.
The application period for the state’s industrial hemp program will open September 1, 2019, according to officials at the West Virginia Department of Agriculture. Those...

WVDA confirms infected rhododendron shipments

Rhododendron Catawbiense grows wild on the rim of the New River Gorge Photo courtesy Rick Burgess.
The West Virginia Department of Agriculture has confirmed that some plants shipped to Rural King stores in West Virginia are being recalled because of...

West Virginia remedy, elderberry revered by Celts, Native Americans

Elderberry blossoms on the edge of a West Virginia woodland.
One of my favorite Appalachian shrubs is blooming as I write—American Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis). Elderberry has long been regarded as a cold-and-flu remedy in...

State urges landowners to sign-up for moth suppression program

Gypsy Moth in West Virginia
The W.Va. Department of Agriculture is urging landowners in the Mountain State to sign up for its cooperative Gypsy Moth suppression program to help...

Fayette County to unveil region's first community farm

Susanna Wheeler and Brad Woolf raise a high tunnel to be used for the market garden.
Fayette County officials are set to unveil on Saturday the region's first community farm, an agricultural initiative designed to support sustainable development. To occupy the...

USDA detects boxwood blight in West Virginia gardens

Scented boxwood hedges create form in the gardens at the Craik-Patton House.
The West Virginia Department of Agriculture has detected boxwood blight in several residential and commercial landscapes throughout West Virginia. The blight was first diagnosed in...

W.Va. State Parks to host second Farm-to-Table dinner series

Restored pioneer farm at Twin Falls Resort State Park, Wyoming County, Hatfield & McCoy Region
The W.Va. Department of Agriculture will host nine farm-to-table dinners at state park restaurants between June 15 and September 12 in conjunction with the...

Hemp licenses triple in West Virginia in 2019

Young hemp plants thrive in a West Virginia field.
The West Virginia Department of Agriculture issued 158 individual licenses under its new industrial hemp program for 2019—more than triple the amount issued in...

W.Va. Dept. of Agriculture releases new five-year plan

A historic stone barn awaits the harvest in West Virginia's eastern panhandle.
The West Virginia Agriculture Advisory Board has released a five year-strategic plan for West Virginia agriculture, which Commissioner of Agricultural Ken Leonhardt says he...

W.Va. offering veterans scholarships to Appalachian Grazing Conference

Cattle graze in Jackson County, near Ripley, West Virginia
The West Virginia Department of Agriculture today announced the availability of education and training scholarships for veterans to attend the 2019 Appalachian Grazing Conference...

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