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Welcome to the Culture news directory at West Virginia Explorer. Follow along as we explore the diverse cultures that have come to define the West Virginia experience.

Epidemic victims may rest on New River's Island of the Dead

Headstones hide in the dim light of wooded Red Ash Island in the New River Gorge.
Victims of an epidemic that swept through the New River Gorge in the late 1800s may have been buried in a remote cemetery on...

UBB Mine Disaster Memorial has helped some heal

UBB Memorial at Whitesville
All it took was a spark to ignite an explosion that sent hurricane-force winds tearing through mines beneath the mountains near Montcoal in southern...

Ghosts of Sliding Hill not forgotten by older generation

Sliding Hill, in the left distance, rises along the Ohio River in Mason County, West Virginia.
Old-timers in parts of Mason County still tell the tale of the Ghosts of Sliding Hill, though only the very oldest recall it. "I heard...

Spring was soap-making time in early West Virginia

Spring was soap making time in early West Virginia.
Home-made soap was universally used in West Virginia before the commercial product became available in the 20th century, and spring was ultimately soap-making time. Soap...

Historic Antietam maps donated to Shepherd Civil War center

Dr. James Broomall and Monica Lingenfelter flank a map with Bill and Bonnie Stubblefield.
Maps donated to the George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War will give researchers in the Battle of Antietam a...

Bigfoot sightings have clustered in southern West Virginia

New River at Grandview, Raleigh County, New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, New River Gorge Region
While a recent bigfoot sighting in southern West Virginia has gained national attention for its veracity, one investigator says it's no surprise, given the...

West Virginia mountains kept 1830 cholera pandemic at bay

A steamboat docks at Wheeling, then Virginia, in the 1830s.
Residents of the mountain counties of West Virginia have traditionally weathered the ravages of communicable diseases with some success. Isolation here flattened the peak...

Civil War-era mystery of Burning Springs remains unsolved

Visitors gather at Burning Springs Park.
Curious motorists traveling the valley of the Little Kanawha River southwest of Parkersburg may or may not stop at Burning Springs. Here a defunct...

Couple claim to photograph bigfoot near New River Gorge

Does this cell-phone photo show a bigfoot in the woods near Danese, West Virginia, east of the New River Gorge?
A husband and wife living in a remote corner of Fayette County in southern West Virginia claim to have encountered and photographed a bigfoot. Billy...

Horse Creek Ghost said to foretell the demise of presidents

Since the death of Lincoln, the Horse Creek Ghost has been said to appear in a hollow of that name in southern West Virginia.
Of the many kinds of ghosts said to haunt to the hills of West Virginia, among the most disturbing may be those which are...

Mysterious origin of 'Old Woman Run' at Sutton explained

A fog settles in the vale of Granny Creek, as seen from Old Woman Run in Braxton County near Sutton, West Virginia.
Sharp-eyed travelers visiting the historic district at Sutton, West Virginia, may observe that two swift streams come coursing down out of the hills to...

West Virginia mountain community spearheads animal rescue

A kitten peers out from behind a flowerpot in West Virginia. (Photo courtesy Sindy Strife)
Would-be pets are among the victims of decline in the coalfields of southern West Virginia, but one community in Mingo County has managed to...

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