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Wolf Moon on Jan. 10 recalls W.Va. as last domain of...

The Wolf Moon customarily rises over the West Virginia hills in January.
The Wolf Moon to rise over West Virginia on January 10 recalls a time when wolves haunted the Mountain State—the final eastern stronghold of...

How Pruntytown reformatory became a bogeyman in W.Va.

A farmhouse at Pruntytown was once part of the infamous boys' reformatory complex.
If you were a young boy growing up in West Virginia prior to the 1980s, there's a chance your misbehaviors were met with the...

How the town of Hundred, West Virginia, got its name

In the 1850s, illustrator Porte Crayon (David Hunter Strother) captured Henry Church "Old Hundred" for Harper's Magazine.
There was a time in the 1850s soon after completion of the B&O Railroad, but before the Civil War, when passengers on that remarkable...

Vacation destination in West Virginia once a bloody Wild West

Montgomery, West Virginia, as it appear about 1910. (Photo: Joe Green Collection)
For millions of tourists, Fayette County, West Virginia, is a destination for healing and rejuvenation—a wonderland of hiking and biking trails and whitewater-rafting rivers....

West Virginia uniquely tied to Thanksgiving celebration

Union soldier Larkin Goldsmith Mead holds a Thanksgiving turkey at Camp Griffin, Virginia, c. 1861.
The anniversary of the first Thanksgiving was not nationally celebrated until 1863, when Abraham Lincoln declared a day of "thanksgiving and praise" to be...

Nightmarish mummies attracting curious to rural Philippi

The fingers of a Philippi Mummy are drawn into crippled fists.
Stored for years in an old barn, the creations of a rural mad scientist, the hardened twin cadavers known as the "Phillipi Mummies" are...

WVU to release book on history, symbol of the Mountaineer

Mountaineers Are Always Free will be released by the WVU Press to the public in early spring of 2020.
The West Virginia University Mountaineer is not just a mascot: it's a symbol of West Virginia history and identity embraced throughout the Mountain State. Rosemary...

Historian: Tecumseh may have been born in West Virginia

Tecumseh confronts William Henry Harrison
It's widely accepted today that Tecumseh—among the most influential Native Americans in history—was born in Ohio, but a handful of historians contend he was...

Herds of wild hog once roamed the West Virginia hills

Wild hogs once roamed West Virginia in great numbers.
On occasion, you might hear old-timers speak of a time when herds of wild hogs were hunted in the West Virginia hills. Chances are, they...

Mine Wars scholar: new generation rediscovering conflict

Miners are armed for battle during the West Virginia Mine Wars.
A new generation is discovering the history of the West Virginia Mine Wars, says a scholar who will speak as a guest lecturer Oct....

Story of heroic slave who defended frontier fort varies

A pyramidal monument was raised at Lewisburg, West Virginia, to the memory of frontier hero Dick Pointer.
Settlers who pushed across the Alleghenies in the 1700s were engaging in a deadly gamble. Some called them foolhardy, though the daring few who...

September 27-29 welcomes historical tours of New River region

New River Gorge at Beauty Mountain, WV, Fayette County, New River Gorge Region
Falling leaves in autumn reveal a landscape in which old farms, ghost towns, and other historic sites have been cloaked through summer. That's why it's...

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