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Lore and Legend

Welcome to the Lore and Legend news category at West Virginia Explorer, where you’ll find news of the paranormal, supernatural, and uncanny in West Virginia.

Recent bigfoot sightings at Sutton Lake have historic precedent

Bigfoot allegedly caught on hunter's cam in Fayette County, West Virginia. Source undetermined.
Sightings of a bigfoot alleged recently at Sutton Lake in central West Virginia may have a historic precedent. Old news clippings that refer to a...

Silver rush in western West Virginia came to naught

Wirt and Jackson counties experienced a failed silver rush in the late 1800s.
Is there silver in the West Virginia hills? Was there ever? Western West Virginia enjoyed a kind of silver rush in the late 1800s,...

Ghostly rumble in W.Va. tied to subterranean source

David Sibray listens for "Old Thump," the origins of which may be geologic.
This story begins with a legend — that of "Old Thump." As the tale goes, folks in the neighborhood of Codger Town, which now...

Tale of Cale Betts ghost still haunts Calhoun County darkness

The Milky Way travels across the sky above Calhoun County.
Far from city lights, nights in Calhoun County are counted among the darkest in West Virginia — so it's little wonder that the tale...

Prehistoric mystery underlies “Egypt” in southern W.Va.

Settlers along Dunloup Creek in southern West Virginia discovered what the described a stone fort, the origins of which remain a mystery.
Settlers along Dunloup Creek in southern West Virginia called the little valley they farmed "Egypt," on account of fertile conditions they found among the...

Strange phenomenon involves bells at Concord University

Forty-eight bells, include a 2.96-ton bourdon, hang in the bell tower at Concord University.
Farmers sometimes speak of a strange phenomenon that occurs in the countryside beyond Concord University. The ringing of the school's 48-bell carillon, often no...

Could a pirate treasure on the Ohio River be lost for...

Frontier boatman ply the Ohio River in western West Virginia.
Every month we publish several stories regarding West Virginia mysteries, so, perhaps not surprisingly, I field plenty of questions about buried treasure here. (Join...

Tale of Nicholas County witch unique in West Virginia lore

Every so often on a lonesome evening I'll surf over to WVGhosts.com and catch-up on any new West Virginia ghost stories submitted there. Recently...

LOVE-HATE tattoos have terrifying origin in West Virginia

Robert Mitchem displays LOVE-HATE tattoos in "The Night of the Hunter."
The iconic LOVE-HATE tattoos that adorn many thuggish fists in the U.S. are tied to one of the most horrific events in West Virginia...

Autumn ideal to visit asylum, “top haunted attraction in U.S.”

Mist gathers around the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum on the West Fork River in Weston, West Virginia.
Perhaps there's no better time than fall to visit the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum: Dry leaves skittering along like skeletal fingers and the howl of...

Halloween hike to legendary haunted locale set in Beckley

Trail-builder Gary Morefield walks through a mist on the Ship Rock Trail in the Grey Flats Trail System at Beckley, West Virginia.
Need to stretch your legs Halloween night? Two proponents of active living in southern West Virginia are leading a group hike to what's been...

WVExplorer lists top 10 Halloween venues for 2018

Spooky any time of year, the old West Virginia State Penitentiary becomes one of the top destinations for Halloween in West Virginia.
Looking for the ideal spooky venue for Halloween in West Virginia? West Virginia Explorer, in cooperation with WVGhosts.com, Saturday unleashed its list of the...

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