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Lore and Legend

Welcome to the Lore and Legend news category at West Virginia Explorer, where you’ll find news of the paranormal, supernatural, and uncanny in West Virginia.

Legendary West Virginia grave straddled Pennsylvania line

David Sibray peers into the grave of Judge John Reddick, buried in both Virginia and Pennsylvania.
Some say Judge John Hoke Reddick's ghost still haunts his grave, and I suppose they could be right, as the grave—a tomb, really—stands strangely...

True ghostly tales selected for your next W.Va. campfire

Fireside on vacation with River Expeditions
At least five months out of the year, West Virginia is warm enough to welcome light family camping, and there's little more exciting about...

Clarksburg duel, rare in West Virginia, fought April 24, 1810

Dueling was not popular in West Virginia, though the Moore-Burnham Duel was notably undertaken at Clarksburg in 1810.
Possibly because of a resurgence of ideas about chivalry and codes of conduct, dueling surged in popularity in the U.S. in the late 1700s,...

Could clerk’s body remain in watery grave beneath Ohio River?

Could the remains of a ship's clerk linger in the dark beneath the mighty Ohio River?
Might the body of an unfortunate clerk lie buried in a vault beneath the Ohio River? If the full tale of the Wreck of...

Legend of Van Bibber’s Leap still echos in Kanawha Valley

Site of Van Bibber's Leap, Van Bibber's Rock rises above the Kanawha River below Kanawha Falls.
The arrival of spring in what would become West Virginia in the late 1700s was not often met with the enthusiasm with which we...

Fans of Powell Mountain goat concerned about its absence

Admirers of the Powell Mountain goat are concerned about its absence.
Fans of a solitary nanny goat that's become a celebrity in central West Virginia are concerned about its apparent absence and are hoping someone...

Mysterious trailside shadow luring hikers to Beckley

David Sibray examines an old bedstead left near a ruined farm while he hunts for evidence of the Grey Flats Ghost.
Tales of a shadow alleged to haunt the Grey Flats Trail area near Beckley, West Virginia, could be tied to the ruins of an...

Ominous stone profile attracts sightseers in search of lore

David Sibray points to the profile of President William McKinley, blasted into a cliff near Thurmond in 1901.
High above the ghost town of Thurmond, the frowning stone profile of President William McKinley silently watches over the New River Gorge, as it...

Legendary valley of Skull Run steeped in pioneer lore

David Sibray visits the Ebenezer Church beyond the Low Gap at the head of Skull Run.
A traveler wandering the pastures along Skull Run might have little idea of the dark tales that have arisen in that section of Jackson...

Recent bigfoot sightings at Sutton Lake have historic precedent

Bigfoot allegedly caught on hunter's cam in Fayette County, West Virginia. Source undetermined.
Sightings of a bigfoot alleged recently at Sutton Lake in central West Virginia may have a historic precedent. Old news clippings that refer to a...

Silver rush in western West Virginia came to naught

Wirt and Jackson counties experienced a failed silver rush in the late 1800s.
Is there silver in the West Virginia hills? Was there ever? Western West Virginia enjoyed a kind of silver rush in the late 1800s,...

Ghostly rumble in W.Va. tied to subterranean source

David Sibray listens for "Old Thump," the origins of which may be geologic.
This story begins with a legend — that of "Old Thump." As the tale goes, folks in the neighborhood of Codger Town, which now...

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