Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Welcome to the Prehistory news category at West Virginia Explorer, where you’ll find news and discussion of West Virginia in its prehistoric and protohistoric periods.

Ancient walls on Armstrong Mountain: more than an old-timer’s tale

A historic marker along U.S. 60 promotes the location of the Mount Carbon Walls.
If you grew up listening to the lore of old-timers in southern West Virginia, chances are you've heard of mysterious stone walls atop Armstrong...

Legend of “Painted Trees” and Indian warpath based on truth

Beech along Paint Creek
Most folk who live in the winding valley of Paint Creek in West Virginia have heard the legend — that the valley had been...

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Editor surveys Shawnee Park Mound near Dunbar, West Virginia
Burial mounds, mysterious carvings, inexplicable stone walls -- relics of the prehistoric past are found throughout West Virginia, but perhaps too few people know...

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