Meet the top five monsters from the West Virginia hills

Meet the top five monsters from the West Virginia hills
Mothman, a legendary creature of the Ohio Valley, descends through the West Virginia night. (Illustration by Ted Fauster)

Snarly Yowl
Snarly Yow may yet stalk the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Valley in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

No. 2: Snarly Yow

The creature called Snarly Yow has been roaming the mountains near , possibly since the first Germans settled in the upper Potomac Valley in the early 1700s. Its evocative name is derived from germanic words that describe a wail that emanates from a toothy mouth.

Some who have encountered the dog-like beast claim to have shot it. A motorist near Boonsboro, Maryland, claimed to have run over the monster, only to see it standing and raging defiantly in his rearview mirror afterward. Others allege to have seen it standing on its hind legs. Similar to the tales of old German settlers, Snarly Yow is said to appear out of thin air, to change its size, to disappear instantly. According to the legends, the beast lurks along old main roads into towns, challenging travelers along the way. It is encountered most often in the area of the Blue Ridge and South Mountain in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Click Box 3 below to encounter the next monster.


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  1. I'd not heard of the Snarly Yowl, The White Thing, or Grafton Monster.

    Quite interesting... Thank you!

  2. Was such a joy to write this article. Thanks, David. Please let me know if you need additional stories or monster art. Safe travels!

    Ted Fauster
    Author of Supernatural Survival Guide: for the Appalachian Region