Flatwoods, West Virginia

Sutton Cemetery near Flatwoods, WV

Flatwoods, West Virginia (WV), a community in Braxton County, was incorporated in 1902 and so-named for the relatively gentle terrain in the immediate area. Located on I-79 near the center of West Virginia, the community is a popular rendezvous site for statewide meetings. The Sutton Days Inn and Conference Center and Flatwoods Factory Outlet Stores are located off I-79 at Flatwoods.

Flatwoods is popularly known as the home of the legend of the , also known as the Braxton County Monster or the Phantom of Flatwoods, an alleged unidentified extraterrestrial reported to have been encountered on September 12, 1952.

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Highway US 19 at Flatwoods, WV

Sutton Lake and the the near reaches of the Elk River Wildlife Management Area are located three miles south of Flatwoods on the Elk River. Burnsville Lake and the Burnsville Lake Wildlife Management Area are located six miles northeast on the Little Kanawha River. Holly Gray Park at Flatwoods is the home of the annual Braxton County Fair.


Flatwoods is located approximately 70 miles northwest of Charleston, West Virginia, 85 miles north of Beckley, West Virginia, 90 miles south of Morgantown, West Virginia, 90 miles southeast of Parkersburg, West Virginia, 123 miles east of Huntington, West Virginia, 130 miles north of Bluefield, West Virginia, 140 miles south of Wheeling, West Virginia, and 220 miles west of Martinsburg, West Virginia.

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Flatwoods is located in the Heartland Region in central West Virginia.

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