Point Pleasant, West Virginia

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Main Street, Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Point Pleasant, West Virginia (WV), the county seat of Mason County, was chartered in 1794 and named for Camp Point Pleasant, which had been established here in 1774 by General Andrew Lewis. The Ohio River and the Kanawha River join at the point south of the present community on which the fort was located.  In 1749, explorer Céloron de Blainville claimed French sovereignty over the Ohio Valley and buried a lead plaque at the confluence, naming the place Point Pleasant. 

Lodging near Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Battle of Point Pleasant

Oct. 10, 1774, the Battle of Point Pleasant was fought between Virginian militia led by General Lewis and Mingo and Shawnee warriors under Cornstalk. The Virginians lost about 75 soldiers in the conflict, and though native losses were never determined, the engagement is considered the bloodiest ever fought between native Americans and Europeans.  The is memorialized at Tu-Endie-Wei State Park.


Point Pleasant is also renowned as the erstwhile home of Mothman, a legendary creature believed by some to have frequented the area in the late 1960s and early 1970s. A statue and several stores and museums in the town celebrate the legend.

Silver Bridge Disaster

On December 15, 1967, the Silver Bridge over the Ohio River at Point Pleasant collapsed, killing 46 motorists.

Parks & Public Recreation

The Mason County Aiport, the West Virginia State Farm Museum, and the McClintic Wildlife Management Area are located roughly six miles north of the community. The northern reaches of the Chief Cornstalk Wildlife Management Area are located ten miles southeast of Point Pleasant.

Photos of Point Pleasant & Vicinity


Point Pleasant is located on highways WV- and WV-62 approximately one mile north of the US-335 expressway at Henderson, West Virginia, and 20 miles north of Buffalo, West Virginia.

Map of Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Regional Information

Point Pleasant is located in the Mid-Ohio Valley Region in western West Virginia.

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