Meet the top five monsters from the West Virginia hills

Meet the top five monsters from the West Virginia hills
Mothman, a legendary creature of the Ohio Valley, descends through the West Virginia night. (Illustration by Ted Fauster)

The Flatwoods Monster, among the best known West Virginia monsters
The Flatwoods Monster lingers in the Braxton County wilderness. (Illustration by Gray Barker)

No. 3: The Flatwoods Monster

Also known as the Green Monster, the Phantom of Flatwoods, and the Braxton County Monster, the Flatwoods Monster is assumed to have been extraterrestrial by those who tell the tales that spread wildly along the upper Elk River in the 1950s.

The monster legend began in 1952 after a group of children watched a UFO crash behind a hill near the town of . Armed only with courage, they and a local hairdresser scouted the woods above the town where they discovered what they believed to be a crash site and encountered what some assumed to have been the lone survivor of the crash -- a towering alien that moved nefariously toward the group.

The monster was described as having green skin, a reptilian head, and long, thin arms. It is apparently legless and floats upon a device that allows it to glide across the ground. Various illnesses had been blamed on the monster and the sulfurous fumes said to have emanated from the crash site. Subsequent sightings have all been placed in or around this area near Sutton, West Virginia, and Gassaway reports of the close encounter earned national news coverage and were featured on a recent episode of The History Channel series "MonsterQuest. Click Box 4 below to encounter the next monster.


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  1. I'd not heard of the Snarly Yowl, The White Thing, or Grafton Monster.

    Quite interesting... Thank you!

  2. Was such a joy to write this article. Thanks, David. Please let me know if you need additional stories or monster art. Safe travels!

    Ted Fauster
    Author of Supernatural Survival Guide: for the Appalachian Region