Banner Advertisements

Banner advertisements allow you to reach readers through imagery. Banners can be placed on almost any page you wish. We’ve set the following rates for banner advertising at West Virginia Explorer by impressions for 2014.

2014 Banner Advertising Rates

10,000 Impressions – $400
Rate: $45/1,000 Impressions
Does Not Include Banner Ad Design

100,000 Impressions – $4000
Rate: $40/1,000 Impressions
Includes: One Banner Ad Design

150,000 Impressions – $5250
Rate: $35/1,000 Impressions
Includes: Two Banner Ad Designs

300,000 Impressions – $7500
Rate: $25/1,000 Impressions
Includes: Three Banner Ad Designs

Banner Design Rates

We charge a flat rate of $120 per hour for banner design and production. Please contact a member of our customer service staff at 304-575-7390 to find out more about banners at

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