Kegs at Greenbrier Valley Brewing Co.
Kegs at Greenbrier Valley Brewing Co.

Our list of craft breweries in West Virginia includes some of the best beers brewed in the eastern United States. Breweries here often choose to brew craft beers inspired by the Mountain State’s awe-inspiring landscapes or by its history or fame as an outdoor recreation destination. Most West Virginia breweries provide beer to local shops, bars, and restaurants. Some offer tasting rooms that may be rented out for group events.

Greenbrier Valley Brewing Co.
862 Industrial Park Rd. , Maxwelton, WV 24957
Phone: 304-520-4669

Brewed in the Greenbrier Valley and available throughout West Virginia and southern Virginia, our craft beers are designed to capture the essence of the adventure of life in the Mountain State. Round off your experience in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia with our delicious brews after a day of adventure.

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