Attractions in West Virginia

Drawdy Creek Falls

West Virginia is a vacation destination of the highest order, filled with attractions discovered and undiscovered. No matter the form of refreshment and relaxation you seek, you’ll find plenty of opportunity among the West Virginia hills.

Stay tuned as we add more categories and more landmarks under our expanding list of attractions in West Virginia. Please be aware that for-profit attractions may be otherwise included under our lodging and recreation sections.

How we define “attractions”

Members of the West Virginia Explorer development team thought long about how they might organize the resources we’ve come to call attractions. “Attractions” seemed to best define the resources for those of us who are beguiled by the state. Keep in mind that many attractions so-labelled are undeveloped, and their access may not be as easily managed as would be in the traditional sense.

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A statue of folk hero John Henry stands outside the Big Bend Tunnel.

John Henry Historical Park gaining national attention

The year 2020 marks the 150th anniversary of the construction of the Big Bend Tunnel in southern West Virginia—the enterprise that legendarily took the...
Prisoners from the adjacent penitentiary helped build the old Grave Creek Mount Museum.

Obscure building at prehistoric mound boasts curious history

When tourists arrive in Moundsville, West Virginia, they often come to see the massive Grave Creek Adena burial mound or tour the infamous West...
David Sibray considers the mossy trunk of the largest tree in West Virginia. (Photo: Alfred Clark)

Largest tree in West Virginia rises along Wheeling Creek

When George Washington first visited Point Pleasant in present-day West Virginia in 1770 he discovered a sycamore that measured 44 feet and 10 inches...
A craft beer waits a thirsty patron at a West Virginia brewery.

Second craft beverage summit on tap for Oct. 23 in Fairmont

The Robert C. Byrd Institute and the West Virginia Food-and-Farm Coalition will present the second “Craft: A Farm-to-Bottle Summit” Oct. 23 in Fairmont, West...
The lower falls of Hills Creek for many years was practically inaccessible to all but the most intrepid waterfalls hunters.

Scenic Hills Creek in W.Va. belies geologic secrets

Hills Creek in Pocahontas County is more than just a pretty stream. Its waterfalls have won fame world over, but there's more to the...

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