Attractions in West Virginia

Drawdy Creek Falls

West Virginia is a vacation destination of the highest order, filled with attractions discovered and undiscovered. No matter the form of refreshment and relaxation you seek, you’ll find plenty of opportunity among the West Virginia hills.

Stay tuned as we add more categories and more landmarks under our expanding list of attractions in West Virginia. Please be aware that for-profit attractions may be otherwise included under our lodging and recreation sections.

How we define “attractions”

Members of the West Virginia Explorer development team thought long about how they might organize the resources we’ve come to call attractions. “Attractions” seemed to best define the resources for those of us who are beguiled by the state. Keep in mind that many attractions so-labelled are undeveloped, and their access may not be as easily managed as would be in the traditional sense.

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The upper falls of Hills Creek tumbles over a cliff and into the ravine through which two other falls descend.

Cranberry nature center hosts family fest this weekend

RICHWOOD, W.Va.—Families touring Cranberry Glades and the Falls of Hills Creek this weekend are in store for extra fun on Cranberry Fun Day at...
A monarch butterfly feeds in a West Virginia meadow. Photo courtesy Kyle Glenn.

Monarch butterflies need your help at Cacapon State Park

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va.—Volunteers are being recruited to help monarch butterflies by participating in Cacapon Resort State Park's monarch research study Friday, July 26, beginning...
The historic Homestead School in the Tygart Valley is in need of financial assistance.

New Deal-era community center in need of financial assistance

VALLEY BEND, W.Va.—At the heart of an experimental community established during the New Deal in West Virginia, the rescued Homestead Community Center in the...
New River Gorge Bridge, Fayetteville, West Virginia, New River Gorge Region

World Scout Jamboree to crowd middle New River Gorge

BECKLEY, W.Va.—Officials at the New River Gorge National River are anticipating increased river use and shuttle traffic during the World Scout Jamboree July 22-August...
Visitors learn about railway safety at Thurmond Train Day. Photo courtesy National Park Service.Visitors learn about railway safety at Thurmond Train Day. Photo courtesy National Park Service.

Train history, ghost town attract hundreds to Train Day

Now in its sixth year, Thurmond Train Day is growing ever-more popular as visitors to the ghost town in southern West Virginia explore its...

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