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Play W.Va. History Trivia, and help save historic properties

The first annual West Virginia History Trivia Night for the Preservation Alliance will be Tuesday, December 1, 2020.
Think you know West Virginia history? Then it's time to put that knowledge to work and help save some of the state's historic buildings. Historic...

West Virginia an ideal destination for young musicians

West Virginia may be an ideal destination for many young musicians.
When you think of the arts, you might not first think of West Virginia, but the state is an ideal destination for musicians, according...

Eight tips for new poets from West Virginia's poet laureate

Marc Harshman, poet laureate of West Virginia
(Editor's Note: Ever think of writing poetry? We've asked Marc Harshman, the poet laureate of West Virginia, to provide a few tips to help...

W.Va. State U. initiates tree art contest for isolated children

A peach tree flowers in a yard near Pineville, West Virginia, in central Wyoming County.
West Virginia State University is celebrating Arbor Day with a Facebook-based art project designed to encourage children isolated by the COVID-19 outbreak to create...

Merger to provide architectural services across Virginias

The ZMM design for the Charleston Convention Center has helped transform the Elk River front in Charleston, West Virginia.
Two renowned architectural firms based in Virginia and West Virginia have announced a merger that will provide integrated design services across both states. Charleston, W.Va.,-based...

Peculiar rock face near Ripley, WV, attracting more visitors

A six-foot-tall face carved by an eccentric sculptor in a cliff near Ripley, WV, is attracting more attention.
Though carved on a quiet hillside by an eccentric sculptor in the 1950s, a curious rock face near Ripley, West Virginia, is attracting a...

Dyes can be found in variety in the West Virginia woodlands

A variety of dyes can be made from substances found commonly in the West Virginia woodlands.
Before commercial dyes became readily available to mountain people in West Virginia, homespun yarn was colored with natural materials that could easily be obtained...

Homer Hickam on W.Va. and the outbreak: "We are not afraid"

Homer Hickam posed with actor Jake Gyllenhaal during the filming of the 1999 film "October Sky."
Author and engineer Homer Hickam says he trusts that the native bravery he knew growing up in West Virginia will help others weather the...

W.Va. Governor: Dollars spent on the arts multiplies by 23

Ian Bode's poster celebrating Festivall is among the art works that uniquely celebrates West Virginia.
Each dollar spent on the arts in West Virginia turns into 23, the governor of West Virginia said during the fourth annual Arts-in-our-Communities Conference...

Shepherd opens 2020 Appalachian fiction competition

Shepherd University's Appalachian Studies program is accepting fiction competition submissions by May 1.
The Appalachian Studies and Communities at Shepherd University is accepting submissions by May 1 for its 2020 West Virginia Fiction Competition. The competition was created...

Student quarter designs reveal iconic West Virginia images

Putnam County, won first place with her representation of Dolly Sods.
What do West Virginia high school students think about when they consider iconic West Virginia images? The winning entries for the 2020 Create-a-Quarter-for-West-Virginia contest...

Bookstores across West Virginia growing, diversifying

Bookstores in West Virginia are holding their own against the onslaught of e-readers and other media.
Opening a bookstore may not be the best way to turn a profit, but bookstores in West Virginia are doing well and diversifying, says...

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