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West Virginia landmark "Sinks of Gandy" still up for sale

Gandy Creek enters the legendary Sinks-of-Gandy Cave on a frigid morning. Photo courtesy Rick Burgess.
Every eighth-grader enrolled in West Virginia History learns of the Sinks of Gandy—a legendary cave through which Gandy Creek travels and amateur spelunkers often...

Railroad runs through the heart of this West Virginia town

David Sibray stands warily between the rails that course through the center of Second Street in Saint Marys, West Virginia.
A railroad coursing through a community in the Mountain State is no rarity, but the line that runs through the heart of downtown Saint...

Curious turn-of-the-century town attracting Ohio River investors

Terry Wiley is welcoming others to invest in Sistersville, West Virginia, on the Ohio River.
Rural Sistersville, West Virginia, might seem a curious place for a village of high-style architecture, but then the oil rush that brought prosperity here...

Isolated Webster County once declared itself a state

Cliffs in Hacker Valley, Webster County, Allegheny Highlands Region
Perhaps no county in West Virginia is as isolated as Webster County. Entirely mountainous, no expressway or U.S. highway ventures into it, and many...

Brownfield assistance center calls for community applicants

No longer industrially viable, West Virginia brownfield sites are eligible for assistance.
Is your community suffering from the appearance of its old industrial or commercial sites—otherwise known as brownfields? The West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Center at West...

Historian looks for patterns in vanishing town names

No longer standing, a large home in Stotesburg was among few structures the remained after coal played out in the Winding Gulf in Raleigh County, West Virginia.
Bacontown, Battleship, Black Oak Bottom — though they no longer exist, these vanished communities are among nearly 300 towns that historian Carl Wolfe has...

Leah Nestor plans a perfect day in Marion County, W.Va.

The Marion County Courthouse rises above the Monongahela River treeline in Fairmont, West Virginia (WV). Photo by Ben Amend. Courtesy of the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Marion County.
Marion County has become one of the most vibrant communities in West Virginia — the kind of place one can experience a practically Perfect...

Putnam County, WV, boasts plenty of cozy winter venues

Between Charleston and Huntington, Putnam County offers plenty of cozy winter hideways.
Midway between West Virginia's two largest cities (Charleston and Huntington), pastoral Putnam County provides metro-valley residents a convenient retreat from hustle and bustle. That's only...

Origin of name "Pickle Street" remains a central W.Va. mystery

Editor David Sibray at Pickle Street sign
Of all the odd community names one finds in West Virginia, "Pickle Street" may rank among the oddest. Why this hamlet on Leading Creek in...

Fayetteville, W.Va., to host glow-in-the-dark egg hunt

To raise money for a March 31 children's egg hunt, organizers in Fayetteville, West Virginia, will host a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt for adults on...

Historic nomination could spur economy in former W.Va. mining town

Kyle Bailey documents coal camp architecture in Helen, W.Va.
BECKLEY, W.Va. — Efforts to nominate a former coal-mining town in southern West Virginia to the National Register of Historic Places could spur economic...

Gift of vacation cabin aids flood recovery in Greenbrier Valley

Steve and Annette Marchetti's donation of a highland cabin in the Greenbrier Valley has boosted flood recovery in the region and attracted a new...

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