Fishing in West Virginia

Fishing on Shavers Fork of Cheat River, Randolph County, Allegheny Highlands Region
Anglers on Shavers Fork of the Cheat

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor sports endeavors enjoyed in West Virginia. Young West Virginians learn early the art of casting, and by their teens are adept at hunting out trout in clear mountain streams — despite which there are plenty of fishing holes to be angled. Bait and tackle shops exist in almost every county, and camps, for rent or sale, may be found on almost every stream.

Fishing in West Virginia is notably accommodated by its wealth of well-watered fisheries. Unlike rivers in many other southern U.S. states, West Virginia streams do not grow sluggish in late summer. The small streams my dry to a trickle, thousands of fishing streams remain productive year-round.

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Fishing is one of the most popular forms of recreation accommodated in West Virginia, and it’s hard to keep up with the constant change and expansion. If you’ve noted inaccuracies in our content or would like to contribute as a correspondent, please contact a member of our editorial staff.

West Virginia Fishing News

A trout is released into a West Virginia stream

With changes, W.Va. trout stocking begins Jan. 2

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources will start its 2018 trout stocking season January 2, though two stocking locales will be added to the...

Redesigned interactive hunting and fishing map of West Virginia available

An updated, online interactive map that provides valuable information on hunting and fishing adventures in West Virginia is now accessible on smartphones and tablets,...

North Bend offers kayak, rappel, mtn.-bike courses June 10

Encouraging visitors to try new outdoor activities, rangers at North Bend State Park this weekend are offering introductory courses in kayaking, rappelling, mountain biking. Park...

W.Va. officials gear up for free fishing weekend June 10-11

West Virginia officials are gearing up for the state's annual Free Fishing Weekend, June 10-11, during which residents and non-residents may fish in West Virginia...
Trout being stocked in WV State Parks

Trout being stocked in five park lakes in advance of Earth Day 2017

The W.Va. Division of National Resources is stocking trout in five state park lakes on April 22 to encourage family fishing during the Earth...
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