Fishing in West Virginia

Anglers on Shavers Fork of the Cheat

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor sports pursued in West Virginia. Young West Virginians learn early the art of the cast, and by their teens they are adept at hunting trout in clear mountain streams and coaxing bass from its lakes and rivers. But there are many miles of stream and plenty of fishing holes to be angled.

Bait and tackle shops exist in almost every county in West Virginia, and fishing camps, for , may be found on almost every stream.

Fishing in the Mountain State is notably accommodated by its wealth of well-watered fisheries. Its streams do not grow sluggish in late summer. Though small streams may dry to a trickle, hundreds of larger fishing streams remain productive year-round.

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West Virginia Fishing News

Far from urban areas, lakes in West Virginia apparently boast more than their share of big fish.

Monster fish being caught in monster capital of West Virginia

Bigfoot and the Flatwoods Monster aren't the only bizarre creatures being reported at the center of West Virginia in Braxton County. Apparently, the fishing...
A fly fisherman wades into a stream in West Virginia.

West Virginia to waive license requirement for resident anglers

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has announced that to encourage solitary outdoor activity during the coronavirus outbreak, state residents can enjoy a month of...
Biologists recently used the method to study walleye in the New River.

Biologists use electrofishing technique to study New River walleye

Electrofishing is proving to be an effective way to collect data about walleye, a popular sport fish, the population of which the West Virginia...
The star of the Gold Rush, a golden trout darts through a West Virginia stream.

Governor announces expansion of Gold Rush trout program

Governor Jim Justice announced today that the West Virginia Gold Rush trout program will return bigger and better than ever March 27-April 4 and...
Fisheries biologists are using Christmas trees to create fish habitat.

DNR using Christmas trees to create, improve fish habitat

Fisheries biologists with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources are using old Christmas trees to improve habitat at popular fishing locations around the...

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