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Welcome to the Lore and Legend news category at West Virginia Explorer, where you'll find news of the paranormal, supernatural, and uncanny in West Virginia.

Ghosts of Sliding Hill not forgotten by older generation

W.Va. Route 62 follows the flank of Sliding Hill between New Haven and Hartford City.
HARTFORD CITY, W.Va. — Old-timers still tell of the ghosts that are said to haunt Sliding Hill in Mason County, though only the very...

Do three legendary monsters inhabit the Monongahela River?

Ripples appear on the surface of the Monongahela River in Marion County, West Virginia.
PITTSBURGH, Pa. — Far from the city lights that shimmer about its mouth at the Golden Triangle, the Monongahela River rises 200 miles away...

Legend of beast resurfaces near Fireco, West Virginia

Fireco, West Virginia, in Raleigh County, as it appeared in the 1960s.
BECKLEY, W.Va. — In almost every respect, the coal camp at Fireco was the end of the line. Only one small coal camp, Willibet,...

Horse Creek Ghost said to foretell the demise of presidents

Since the death of Lincoln, the Horse Creek Ghost has been said to appear in a hollow of that name in southern West Virginia.
PAX, W.Va.—Of the many kinds of ghosts said to haunt the hills of West Virginia, among the most disturbing may be those which are...

Notorious bank robber "Pretty Boy Floyd" hid in West Virginia

Pretty Boy Floyd once hid out in West Virginia, where he changed the life of a young policeman.
SAINT MARYS, W.Va. — As U.S. states go, West Virginia has always been a reasonably peaceful place. Violence erupts on occasion, though one might...

Roadside ghosts account for most popular W.Va. ghost stories

Roadside ghosts account for many of most popular WV ghost stories
PAX, W.Va. — Tales of roadside ghosts account for many of the most popular ghost stories in West Virginia, according to the publisher of...

Strange haunting near Summersville Lake may be largely forgotten

Cliffs along Summerville Lake, Summersville Lake Climbing Area, Nicholas County, New River Gorge Region
SUMMERSVILLE, W.Va.—The tale of the "Ford Ghost" southwest of Summersville, West Virginia, makes its appearance several times in local lore, but this telling by...

W.Va. Penitentiary at Moundsville focus of strange history

Entrance to former W.Va. Penitentiary
The former West Virginia State Penitentiary at Moundsville, West Virginia, in Marshall County, was a castellated gothic-style prison in operation from 1876 until 1995....

The full tale of West Virginia's remarkable Greenbrier Ghost

The home of the unfortunate Mary Heaster Shue still stands in the Allegheny foothills near Rainelle, West Virginia.
LEWISBURG, W.Va.—Whether or not you believe in ghosts, it's a fact that a ghost enters the lawbooks in West Virginia. The account of the...

Tale of the "Screaming Lady" based on real historical horror

The skeleton of a woman buried alive in the 1800s may still lie beneath the soil in Mason County.
Some of the most chilling tales of hauntings in West Virginia are based on real events, and one of the most horrific is that...

Did legendary Mothman first appear near Elk River Trail?

Did the legendary Mothman first appear in the trees above a cemetery at Clendenin, West Virginia?
Whether or not you believe in tales of "Mothman," if you live in West Virginia, you're likely to have heard them. The legend is...

Ghostly tale of Burnt House lives through strange town name

The legend of the village of Burnt House is linked to one of the state's favorite old ghost stories.
BURNT HOUSE, W.Va.—Motorists traveling WV-47 between Weston and Parkersburg are sure to have noticed the village of Burnt House and wondered about the name....


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