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Welcome to the Lore and Legend news category at West Virginia Explorer, where you'll find news of the paranormal, supernatural, and uncanny in West Virginia.

Did legendary Mothman first appear near Elk River Trail?

Did the legendary Mothman first appear in the trees above a cemetery at Clendenin, West Virginia?
Whether or not you believe in tales of "Mothman," if you live in West Virginia, you're likely to have heard them. The legend is...

Ghostly tale of Burnt House lives through strange town name

The legend of the village of Burnt House is linked to one of the state's favorite old ghost stories.
BURNT HOUSE, W.Va.—Motorists traveling WV-47 between Weston and Parkersburg are sure to have noticed the village of Burnt House and wondered about the name....

Did a lunatic first discover what would become West Virginia?

The unnamed eccentric who first saw West Virginia soon inspired others to follow.
Crazy as it might seem, one enduring West Virginia legend posits that the land now within the boundaries of the Mountain State was first...

Bigfoot sightings have clustered in southern West Virginia

New River at Grandview, Raleigh County, New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, New River Gorge Region
While recent bigfoot sightings in southern West Virginia have gained national attention, one investigator says it's no surprise, given the number of sightings he's...

West Virginia mountains provided refuge for Indian fighter

Sibray visits the remote grave of Captain Ralph Stewart near Oceana, West Virginia.
How did the grave of a soldier from the Shenandoah Valley wind up in one of the most remote and rugged mountain regions in...

Bizarre tale of the woman whose feet never touched the ground

The tale of the woman whose feet never touched the ground is among the strangest of W.Va. ghosts stories.
Mountainous and often remote, West Virginia may enjoy more than its fair share of strange stories, but the tale of the woman whose feet...

Do three legendary monsters inhabit the Monongahela River?

Ripples appear on the surface of the Monongahela River in Marion County, West Virginia.
Far from the city lights that shimmer about its mouth in Pittsburgh, the Monongahela River rises more than 200 miles to the south among...

Ghosts of Sliding Hill not forgotten by older generation

Sliding Hill, in the left distance, rises along the Ohio River in Mason County, West Virginia.
Old-timers still tell of the ghosts said to have haunted Sliding Hill in Mason County, though only the very oldest now recall it. However,...

Prehistoric mystery underlies "Egypt" in southern W.Va.

Settlers along Dunloup Creek in southern West Virginia discovered what the described a stone fort, the origins of which remain a mystery.
Settlers along Dunloup Creek in what's now southern West Virginia called the valley they farmed "Egypt" due to its remarkable fertility. But they discovered...

Ghostly rumble in W.Va. tied to subterranean source

David Sibray listens for "Old Thump," the origins of which may be geologic.
This story begins with the legend of "Old Thump." As the tale goes, folks in the neighborhood of Codger Town were haunted by a...

Mysterious worm invasion wreaked havoc in Wetzel County in 1918

Wetzel County Worm Invasion
In the summer of 1918, a procession of billions of ravenous "worms" passed through the hills of eastern Wetzel County, wreaking havoc wherever it...

Lost silver lode in Jackson County, W.Va., may be more than...

Could this piece of silver found near Ripley, West Virginia, point to a larger lode?
Legends of a lost silver lode in Jackson County, in western West Virginia, may be more than a rumor, according to a former resident...


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