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New River Gorge National Park increasing access to campgrounds

Campers gather in a campground in the New River Gorge National Park.
The New River Gorge National Park and Preserve will increase access to campgrounds this weekend with the reopening of six additional campground areas, including...

W.Va. DNR announces winners of the 2021 Gold Rush Giveaway

The star of the Gold Rush, a golden trout darts through a West Virginia stream.
Officials at the W.Va. Division of Natural Resources today announced the winners of the state's 2021 Gold Rush Giveaway, the annual statewide promotion of...

Survival and bushcraft school opens in New River Gorge region

Instructor Josh Sapio tends a fire lighted from flint.
Much of America's newest national park may be teeming with visitors this summer, but the vast areas of woodland beyond are likely to remain...

Proceeds of wild boar hunt support elk restoration project

Wild boar still range across isolated mountain hollows in Logan County.
The W.Va. Division of Natural Resources has utilized proceeds from a February lottery wild boar hunt to purchase a UTV in support of the...

National Park hosts fishing events for grandparents, children

The National Park Service is hosting a fishing day for grandparents and grandchildren at its Camp Brookside Environmental Education Center.
New River Gorge National Park and Preserve is hosting a series of Grandfamilies Fishing Days in May and June designed for grandparents who are...

Resort expands camping to welcome New River Gorge guests

RV and tent campgrounds are expanding at Adventures on the Gorge.
The increased visibility of America's newest national park has prompted one of the region's largest outdoor-adventure resorts to expand its campground. Adjacent to the newly...

Spring gobbler season expands from four to five weeks

Two hunters await the opportunity to take a West Virginia spring gobbler.
Beginning this year, West Virginia’s statewide spring gobbler season will run for five weeks instead of four, according to Mike Peters, wild turkey project...

W.Va. to stock striped tiger trout statewide in April, May

A W.Va. DNR biologist displays a striped tiger trout.
The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources will stock tiger trout in lakes and streams around the state for the first time in decades,...

W.Va. announces lottery for boar hunting on private land

Wild boar still range across isolated mountain hollows in Logan County.
Hunters in West Virginia will soon be able to enter a lottery to hunt on designated private lands owned by W.Va. Natural Resource Partners...

Part of Sand Hill Wildlife Management Area closes

Trail signs stand near an entrance to the Sand Hill Wildlife Management Area near Mountwood Park in Ritchie County.
A 967-acre portion of the nearly 3,000-acre Sand Hill Wildlife Management Area in northern West Virginia has been closed to public access, according to...

Larry Oakley tells the tale of an old West Virginia hunter

A white-tailed buck deer waits in a West Virginia woodland.
Waiting quietly alone in the dark woods, the approach of dawn can seem like an eternity. It can feel like time is standing still—holding...

2020 "good year for deer hunting," says DNR biologist

Deer hunting is an increasingly popular sport in West Virginia.
Hunters in West Virginia harvested 38,776 antlered deer during its two-week buck firearms season in 2020, according to preliminary data collected through the electronic...

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