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Reach more people by advertising with West Virginia Explorer — the source of more than 120,000 pages views per month.

West Virginia Explorer provides three advertising venues through which businesses and organizations may reach their markets — listings, banners, and sponsorships. All have been fine-tuned over the last decade to provide advertisers a maximum return on their investment.

Listing Advertisements

The simplest, most effective form of advertising we accommodate is a listing, which provides a client a link to their site and a brief description of a product or service. Listings are most useful in reaching established markets. 

Banner Advertisements

Banners advertisements appear at the right side of each page or, when viewed on a mobile device, at the bottom, depending on the mobile device. Banners are most useful in reaching beyond established markets.


Sponsorships allow advertisers to help us provide content while providing them links that refer readers to their site or sites. Sponsorships are most often used by companies that wish to establish backlinks.

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Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
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Here’s what some of our established advertisers have had to say about our services: Advertiser Testimonials

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