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Climbing near New River Gorge Bridge

West Virginia is among the most popular and highly rated rock climbing destinations in the eastern United States. Climbing areas feature stupendous scenery and challenging sports and traditional climbs. Warm winter days are common, so climbing may be enjoyed year-round. Rock climbing instruction is available for beginners, and guides are available to help lead advanced climbs throughout the Mountain State.

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West Virginia Climbing News

Climbing near New River Gorge Bridge

Park Service to host meeting on climbing at New, Gauley

The National Park Service is inviting members of the public who have an interest in climbing at New River Gorge National River and Gauley...
Hiker at Needles Eye

Needleseye park at Oak Hill now open to hikers, climbers

Climbers and hikers are welcome to begin exploring a 300-acre park under construction near the New River Gorge that includes more than two miles...
Young climber at New River Gorge, New River Gorge National River, Adventures on the Gorge

Park Service to host meeting regarding rock climbing

The National Park Service will host a meeting on rules and regulations for climbing activities at New River Gorge National River and Gauley River...

North Bend offers kayak, rappel, mtn.-bike courses June 10

Encouraging visitors to try new outdoor activities, rangers at North Bend State Park this weekend are offering introductory courses in kayaking, rappelling, mountain biking. Park...
North Bend Trail near Cornwallis, WV, Ritchie County, Heartland Region

North Bend cliffs host climbing adventures beginning in April

North Bend State Park is introducing adventurers to rock climbing and rappelling on cliffs overlooking the North Fork of the Hughes River as part of...

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