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Welcome to the Culture news directory at West Virginia Explorer. Follow along as we explore the diverse cultures that have come to define the West Virginia experience.

Tecumseh may have been born in West Virginia, not Ohio

Tecumseh confronts William Henry Harrison
It's widely accepted today that Tecumseh was born in Ohio, but a handful of historians contend that he, one of the most influential Native...

"Mudwall" Jackson led failed attack on fort in central W.Va.

A line of trees follows a breastwork at the Bulltown Battlefield at Bulltown, West Virginia, in Braxton County.
During the first years of the U.S. Civil War, marauding bands of guerillas roamed the hills in what's now central West Virginia. Most were...

Did the first U.S. serial killer live in a quiet corner...

Harry Powers, of Clarksburg, West Virginia, appears calm in this police photo.
On the morning of March 18, 1932, Harry Powers plummeted through the gallows at the West Virginia Penitentiary and dangled for 11 minutes before...

Bizarre tale of the woman whose feet never touched the ground

The tale of the woman whose feet never touched the ground is among the strangest of W.Va. ghosts stories.
Mountainous and often remote, West Virginia may enjoy more than its fair share of strange stories, but the tale of the woman whose feet...

Do three legendary monsters inhabit the Monongahela River?

Ripples appear on the surface of the Monongahela River in Marion County, West Virginia.
Far from the city lights that shimmer about its mouth in Pittsburgh, the Monongahela River arises more than 200 miles to the south among...

Mystery surrounds lost Washington graves on Hurricane Creek

David Sibray examines a Washington family headstone near the mouth of Hurricane Creek in Putnam County, West Virginia.
How did a great-nephew of George Washington come to be buried in a virtually forgotten graveyard in the Kanawha Valley near Winfield, West Virginia—more...

Ghosts of Sliding Hill not forgotten by older generation

Sliding Hill, in the left distance, rises along the Ohio River in Mason County, West Virginia.
Old-timers still tell of the ghosts said to have haunted Sliding Hill in Mason County, though only the very oldest now recall it. However,...

Prehistoric mystery underlies "Egypt" in southern W.Va.

Settlers along Dunloup Creek in southern West Virginia discovered what the described a stone fort, the origins of which remain a mystery.
Settlers along Dunloup Creek in what's now southern West Virginia called the valley they farmed "Egypt" due to its remarkable fertility. But they discovered...

Some mysterious W.Va. rock features may have sacred origins

Cairn on a West Virginia ridge. Photo courtesy Charity Moore.
Editor's Note: If you're familiar with the outdoors in West Virginia, you've likely seen rocks piled in what might seem "the middle of nowhere."...

Many early almanacs printed out of Wheeling, West Virginia

Farmers converse near old Fort Henry at Wheeling, c. 1777.
Thanks to the Internet, almanacs aren't printed as they once were, but in West Virginia, where communications were hampered by the mountains, these useful...

Ancient stone walls on Armstrong Mountain no old-timer's tale

A historic marker along U.S. 60 promotes the location of the Mount Carbon Walls.
If you grew up listening to the lore of old-timers in southern West Virginia, chances are you've heard of mysterious stone walls atop Armstrong...

Ghostly rumble in W.Va. tied to subterranean source

David Sibray listens for "Old Thump," the origins of which may be geologic.
This story begins with the legend of "Old Thump." As the tale goes, folks in the neighborhood of Codger Town were haunted by a...

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