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Welcome to the Culture news directory at West Virginia Explorer. Follow along as we explore the diverse cultures that have come to define the West Virginia experience.

Marble King now only marble manufacturer remaining in U.S.

PADEN CITY, W.Va. — Able to produce upwards of one million marbles a day, Marble King Inc. has been a staple of West Virginia...

Dunlow depot added to National Register of Historic Places

Lone remnant of railroading at Dunlow, the depot has been added to the National Register.
DUNLOW, W.Va. — The small, unincorporated community of Dunlow on WV-152 in southern Wayne County typically does not stir interest among passersby. Drive too...

Battle of Scary Creek near St. Albans one of first in...

Scary Creek meanders through the Teays Valley.
SCARY, W.Va. — Though little remains to be seen of the battlefield today, the Battle of Scary Creek was one of the most significant...

Haunting folk song "Shenandoah" rooted in Virginia, West Virginia

Shenandoah River at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
It’s fair to say that almost anyone who has listened to or read the history of American folk songs is familiar with the haunting...

West Virginia once among chief manufacturers of glassware

Decorative glassware has been fired in West Virginia throughout much of the century.
West Virginia was once among the world's chief exporters of glass, supporting more than 400 factories through the 20th century. Now, only a handful...

Wreck of steamer Rebecca reveals historic danger of Ohio River

Artist's conception of wreck of steamboat Rebecca at Parkersburg in 1869.
PARKERSBURG, W.Va. — Deep in the rugged interior of West Virginia, where rivers arise as tumbling young streams, it can be easy to forget...

Three facts about West Virginia's Mothman legend few know

The Mothman Statue at Point Pleasant overlooks Main Street in the national historic district.
POINT PLEASANT, W.Va. — America's quintessential Atomic Age monster, Mothman continues to attract attention in the Ohio Valley, so much so that more than...

Bells at Concord University linked to strange phenomenon

Forty-eight bells, include a 2.96-ton bourdon, hang in the bell tower at Concord University.
ATHENS, W.Va. — Farmers in the countryside beyond Concord University sometimes speak of a strange phenomenon in winter. The sound of the school's 48-bell...

Mystery surrounds rare Catholic shrine in southern West Virginia

A statue of Saint Anthony of Padua stands outside Saint Anthony's Shrine at Boomer, West Virginia .
BOOMER, W.Va. — Only one church of the Roman Catholic faith in West Virginia is venerated as a "shrine"—a place of special devotion that...

Historian reclassifies Civil War "skirmish" as an all-out battle

Far more than a few soldiers were engaged in the Battle of Hurricane Bridge.
HURRICANE, W.Va. — Early research on a Civil War engagement at Hurricane Bridge tended to underestimate the number of soldiers involved, leading historians to...

New River Gorge region in W.Va. once a bloody "Wild West"

Montgomery, West Virginia, as it appear about 1910. (Photo: Joe Green Collection)
FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — For millions of tourists, Fayette County and its New River Gorge is a destination for healing and rejuvenation—a wonderland of hiking...

New River Gorge region in W.Va. a classroom for Black History

The Quinnimont Missionary Baptist Church served the needs of segregated mining communities in the early 1900s.
FAYETTEVILLE, W. Va. — America's newest national park is also a classroom for Black History, says a spokesman for an adventure resort bordering the...


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