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The editorial department at West Virginia Explorer depends greatly on corporate sponsorships to fund our research and the development of editorial content. Sponsorship also allows advertisers to establish relevant and practically permanent back-links to their own content, establishing a stronger audience and increasing their own search-engine optimization.

Sponsors may opt to see a link to their site at the bottom of each sponsored page, or banner advertising may be provided in exchange. In all cases, West Virginia Explorer and its contributors maintain editorial independence.

Established Editorial Sponsorships

The following corporations have established corporate sponsorships that have helped further our work.

Because sponsorship requires coordination between the editorial and advertising sections of our publishing house, please refer your inquiries to the publisher, David Sibray, at 304-575-7390.

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Margaret Green
Director of Sales and Marketing
304-647-5637 (office)
304-646-0950 (cell)
Email: mgreen@wvexplorer.com

David Sibray
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
Phone: (304) 575-7390
Email: editor@wvexplorer.com

Here’s what some of our established advertisers have had to say about our services: