Development Team

The West Virginia Explorer strives to act as an inclusive organization, supporting and depending on the participation of many people — investors, contributors, and passing users, no less. Yet, at the heart of the organization, a handful of editors and programmers are working tirelessly to ensure that the gears of the publication are turning.

David Sibray

David T. Sibray

The founder and long-time editor of West Virginia Explorer, David Sibray has made a life’s work of exploring and promoting West Virginia. He conceived of creating in the late 1990s while a publisher of niche magazines for Thomson Newspapers. He was a founding member of West Virginia Group, a marketing agency dedicated to economic-development publications, and marketing director for several state agencies and bureaus. Follow him on Facebook at .

Mike Friel
Associate Editor

Mike Friel

Formerly operations manager for Jaguar Educational and chief copy editor for The Register-Herald and The Daily Mail, of Charleston, WV, Mike Friel brings years of expertise in journalism and production to the West Virginia Explorer. A native of Marlinton and longtime resident of the Metro-Valley Region, he knows equally well the West Virginia highlands and lowlands. An expert in editing for multiple English-speaking cultures, his ability to broaden and moderate our copy is invaluable. He may be reached through Facebook at .

Ted Fauster
Publications Advisor

Ted Fauster

A trade-magazine publisher and a former editor-in-chief for Thomson Newspapers, Ted Fauster moved quickly through the ranks of newspaper journalism in the 1990s before settling in Portland, Oregon, to begin writing as a freelancer, consultant, and author of fiction. He is an active advisor with several websites and consults and coaches writers of science and fantasy fiction. Contact Ted through his Facebook at , or at .

Sarah Plummer
Writing Coach

Sarah Plummer has worked tirelessly to integrate good writing and literature into the work-a-day world and finds Appalachia a fertile garden in which to sew such seed. A native of the New River Valley in Virginia, she launched her career as a student at Berea College, after which she earned a masters in English from Virginia Tech. She has acted as education reporter for The Register-Herald, of Beckley, and as an English professor at Bluefield State College. Follow her on Facebook at .