Berkeley Castle

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Castle at Berkeley Springs, WV

National Historic Landmark -- -- Morgan County

A securities tycoon who was titled a "colonel" as a result of his success in the distillery business, Samuel Taylor Suit promised to build a castle for his young wife, Rosa Pelham, the daughter of Congressman Charles Pelham, of Alabama. The springs at Bath, or Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, where the Suits met, seemed the ideal location. The Norman castle-style cottage, also known as Suit Castle or the Samuel Taylor Suit Cottage, was designed by architect , of Washington, D.C., and overseen by architect . Suit died before its completion, though his widow lived lavishly there until her funds were depleted. In 1909, the property was sold at public auction. It was used as Monte-Vista, a boys summer camp until 1954, after which Walter Bird acquired it as a museum. The property was purchased in 1999 by Andrew Gosline, who restored period furnishings and opened the residence as an entertainment venue. The castle overlooks Berkeley Springs State Park.

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