Chester Teapot

The Chester Teapot. Photo: Val Baldwin Carnell

The Chester Teapot, at Chester, West Virginia, is billed as the “World’s Largest Teapot.” It measures 14 feet in height and 14 feet and was installed to promote the region’s thriving pottery industry. The teapot was brought to Chester in 1938 as an advertising gimmick to promote the local pottery industry but first had been sight for Hires Root Beer in the shape of a barrel.

Its was later moved to its current location off the U.S. Highway 30 on-ramp at the former site of a small amusement park, Rock Springs Park, which closed in the 1970s.

The “Giant Teapot” is featured in the Fall 76 video game. It is a popular roadside attraction for visitors to the very northernmost part of the state in Hancock County.