Madison National Bank

National Bank at Madison, WV, Boone County, Hatfield & McCoy Region
National Bank at Madison, WV

National Historic Landmark -- Madison, West Virginia -- Boone County

Built in 1918 by J. J. West & Company, of Huntington, WV, the Madison National Bank showcases the grand features of the Beaux Arts architectural style. Limestone and brick climb three stories to a flat roof and parapet. Corinthian pilasters frame the three-story arched window, which dominates the front facade. The interior space is flooded with natural light from large windows and skylights. Chartered in 1902, the Madison National Bank was the first bank in Boone County. The building was used as a bank until 1966. It was donated in 1974 to the Boone County Library Commission, and it continues to house the Boone-Madison Public Library.

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