Memorial Arch

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National Historic Landmark -- -- Cabell County

The Cabell County War Memorial Association in 1924 erected the Memorial Arch to honor its fallen servicemen from the Great War (World War I) as part of an effort to develop a Memorial Boulevard. The monument that they raised is built of Indiana limestone and stands 42 feet high. It sits at the east entrance to Memorial Park in Huntington. Architects Meanor & Handloser designed the Neo-Classical Revival archway, which draws on the ancient Roman customs of marking notable events. The most well known example of this style is the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France. Detailed carvings, made by artisans from the Easton Studios, in Bedford, Indiana, ornament the structure. It took five years to complete the arch. In 1980, mountings were added from which to hang a large flag in the center of the archway.

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