Noah Snyder Farm

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In 1856 Noah Snyder purchased land in the valley of Patterson Creek, in Grant County, near Lahmansville, and moved his family to the back-valleys of the Potomac to begin a large farming operation. Soon after, the Civil War broke out, and the Snyders were overrun by Confederate soldiers. Noah Snyder was imprisoned at Winchester, Virginia, and Mrs. Synder rode there to retrieve their oxen, which were taken by soldiers along with other livestock and all the food. According to one account, Mrs. Snyder was told she could have her oxen if she could identify them, and so called their names, and they came running to her. After the war, the Snyder farm grew quickly. At its peak, the Snyder operation farmed more than 1,000 acres. The original four-room log house was built in 1853 by Lemuel Vance. A two-room 1860 log house and a kitchen with a loft were attached to the house.

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