Robey Theatre

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National Historic Landmark -- -- Roane County

Billed as the "longest continuously operating theatre in the country," the Robey Theatre was opened by Hamond Robey in 1911 as an auditorium designed expressly for showing films, though the theater was also used for local live productions. After extensive remodeling in 1926, the theater reopened as "The Robey" with a celebration that included speeches from prominent politicians and business leaders of the day. In 1979, the Robey family sold the property to T. Michael Burch who continues to operate as Spencer's only movie theater with a devotion to restorative measures. The neon marquee was restored in 2007 and relit after 40 years of non-use. The Robey bridged the transition from silent films to talkies to newsreels to color films and is now projects 3D movies.

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