Canaan Valley

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Blackwater Trail in the Canaan Valley

The vale of the upper Blackwater River, better known as the Canaan Valley, is the highest upland valley in the Allegheny Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountains of the eastern U.S. Though perhaps most widely known as a destination for skiing and winter sports, the valley is a favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts of every ilk. Thousands of square miles of national forest surround the valley, which is also home to the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

Canaan Valley Ski Areas

Map showing the Canaan Valley

About the Canaan Valley Institute

The non-profit was established to help protect the valley and establish a sustainable and economically viable community within and around its resources. The institute since its inception in the 1970s has developed an extensive library of cultural and environmental studies, available online, sure to help explorers in their investigation of the Canaan and its cultural and natural history.

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