Burning Rock ATV Trails

ATV on rocky trail at Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park, Sophia, WV, Hatfield & McCoy Region
Rocky trail at Burning Rock

Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park includes 106 miles of private mountain trail located approximately 15 miles southwest of Beckley, WV. Eighty percent of Burning Rock ATV trails are considered easy, 22 percent are moderate-to-difficult, and two percent are extremely difficult. Gas, food and lodging are available at the park or in the nearby towns of Beckley, Sophia, and Crab Orchard. Adventure amenities include a zip-line, campground, and hiking trails.

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Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park

Lodging near Burning Rock ATV Trails

Beckley (WV) Lodging
Sophia (WV) Lodging
Crab Orchard (WV) Lodging

Map showing Burning Rock Trailhead