Commercial Caves in West Virginia

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Smurf Village at Lost Word Caverns

Four commercial caves in West Virginia accommodate guided and self-guided tours. Most also provide guided tours into cavern areas beyond their established public areas. Commercial caves, or "show caves," accommodate visitors with walkways, lighted exhibits, and barriers to prevent guests from wandering into the remote reaches of caverns. Aside from a jacket or sweater, no gear or specialized knowledge is necessary for such an introduction to .

Lewisburg, WV 24901
Phone: (304) 645-6677

Lost World Caverns descends into the labyrinth of limestone caves that tunnel beneath the levels of the Greenbrier Valley. Self-guided and private tours lead visitors 235 feet below the entrance, past stalagmites, flowstones, curtains, and other fantastic formations. Good walking shoes and a jacket are all that are required. Private expeditions lead explorers into the cave's distal areas beyond.

Ronceverte, WV 24970
Phone: 304-645-7600

Both a national historic and natural landmark, Organ Cave is the second longest cave in the eastern U.S. and played a significant role a shelter and source for saltpetre during the American Civil War in Virginia. Guided walking tours are available as well as extended expeditions. Guided tours place special emphasis on interpretation of geology as revealed through the King James Bible.

Riverton, WV 26814
Phone: 800-239-7647

Open year round and a drive of less than 30 minutes from Seneca Rocks, Seneca Caverns served as a refuge for the Seneca Indians. Today, adventurers may explore its unique abundance of snow-white and cream-streaked flowstone, where water flowing in a thin sheet has deposited minerals. Seneca Caverns is a drive of 45 minutes from the Canaan Valley ski areas.

Cabins, WV 26855
Phone: 304-257-4442

Trout swim through the subterranean pools at Smoke Hole, the centerpiece of Smoke Hole Resort and one of the most visited caverns in eastern W.Va.. Its sparkling "Room of a Million Stalactites" features the second highest ceiling of any cavern in the eastern U.S., towering 274 feet above the floor. Smoke Hole Caverns is a drive of 45 minutes from Timberline Resort.