Antiques Shops in West Virginia

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Westbrook's Esso, Kingwood, WV

Antiques shops in West Virginia are virtually a dime a dozen (here where dime stores and five-and-dimes still exist). Most every community has at least one antiques shop. Antiques and other collectibles to be procured here include heirlooms from mountain settlements and Appalachian farms and villages. Farm implements and relics of the settlement are still to be found.

Products manufactured here after the Industrial Revolution are much sought after. Relics of the glass, coal, oil, timber, and pottery industries have particular appeal.

735 Main St., Mount Hope, WV 25880
Phone: 304-877-2088

Off the U.S. 19 expressway in historic Mount Hope, we've converted a hometown department store into one of the region's must-see antiques shops. You'll find vintage decor, unique gifts, flea-market bargains, rustics and primitives, country casual furniture, garden and architectural pieces, and a coffee corner for the less enthused. Open weekends -- 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday -- with extended summer hours.

211 N. Court Street, Fayetteville, WV 25840
Phone: 304-574-1250

In the Fayetteville historic district, D&K Collectibles specializes in unusual antiques and West Virginia collectibles, including handmade glass, vintage souvenirs, and authentic coal-mining tools and equipment. Owners Keith and Drema Wood are experts in the field of West Virginia glassware, most especially Blenko glass, and are renowned for their ability to find rare Appalachian heirlooms and heritage pieces from the Mountain State coal industry.

120 East Main Street, Oak Hill, WV 25901
Phone: 304-465-6940

J&J Antiques and More specializes in the provision of heirloom merchandise collected from throughout the Ohio Valley and Appalachian regions. On East Main Street, off the U.S. 19 expressway, the shop is easily accessible. Owners Jack and Jennifer Kelley take pride in their ability to choose and acquire antique furniture of the highest quality and inspect vintage pieces for authenticity.

Map showing Antiques Shops in West Virginia

D&K Collectibles
211 N. Court Street, Fayetteville, WV 25840
Phone: 304-574-1250

Antiques at Aide’s
735 Main St., Mount Hope, WV 25880
Phone: 304-877-2088

120 East Main Street
Oak Hill, WV 25901

Antiques shops in other West Virginia regions

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