North Branch Whitewater Rafting

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The North Branch of the Potomac River becomes one the most thrilling whitewater rafting runs in northern West Virginia in autumn. As Jennings Randolph Lake is emptied to allow room for spring snowmelt, the river swells to a torrent ideal for whitewater rafting. Seven miles of the North Branch downstream of the lake and upstream of Piedmont, West Virginia, grow loud with the roar of rapids and the laughter of happy rafters on weekends during the draw-down in September and October.

Rapids on the North Branch are rated no more difficult that Class III, which means children as young as 10 years old are permitted by most commercial rafting outfitters to run the river. Rafting excursions typically last about two hours.

Hotel lodging near the North Branch

Rafting Area Location

The North Branch whitewater rafting area is located in the northern Potomac Branches Region. Further information on  lodging, dining, travel, and recreation may be found by exploring this regional information.

Map of North Branch Rafting Area

Expeditions on the North Branch of the Potomac run most often launch  below the Barnum river access area and end at the river access area at Bloomington, MD, above the mouth of the Savage River.

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