Alliance seeks funds to support three W.Va. preservation organizations

Alliance seeks funds to support three W.Va. preservation organizations
Preservatian Aliance Memebrs
Queen Store
The Preservation Alliance and its partners work to preserve landmarks across the state, including this store at Crum.

The Preservation Alliance of West Virginia is seeking contributions to help support three state historical-development organizations for which funding has been cut or is in decline.


Donations, which may be processed online (below), will match funds required to employ AmeriCorps members that support the three organizations, providing each member a modest living allowance during his or her services, according to Danielle LaPresta Parker, executive director of the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia.

"Budget cuts and economic downturn seriously impacted these programs, which are very successful and vital to the communities they serve," Parker said of the effort.

Established in 1994, AmeriCorps supports more than 450,000 adults who engage in public service work nationwide, including 30 members managed through the alliance in West Virginia.


Members commit to full- or part-time positions offered by non-profit agencies and organizations to fulfill assignments in education, public safety, healthcare, and environmental protection.

Persons who would like contribute have until July 14 to support the initiative, Parker said.

The Clio Project

A free website and GPS-enabled mobile application, the Clio connects thousands of people daily to historic landmarks across the U.S. and in West Virginia. Its foundation has requested funding to support two full-time AmeriCorps members and create four part-time positions to employ editors required to review and improve hundreds of user-submitted articles. 

Harrison County Historical Society

The Harrison County Historical Society maintains headquarters in the 210-year-old Stealey-Goff-Vance House in Clarksburg and operates a climate-controlled archive nearby in Chase Towers. Officers attribute their growth to a full-time and part-time AmeriCorps member, both of whom they hope to rehire to help manage its archives, maintain the Vance House, and provide local-history programming and further grow the society's outreach. 


The National Coal Heritage Area

National Coal Heritage Area

The National Coal Heritage Area works to protect and interpret properties and communities associated with coal heritage in 13 counties in southern West Virginia as part of a heritage-tourism initiative. The agency supports community efforts through the distribution of community grants and by providing technical and capacity-building assistance to communities to enable them to become better stewards of their resources.



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