Eight great reasons to visit Sun Valley, Idaho, this year!

Eight great reasons to visit Sun Valley, Idaho, this year!
Winter or summer, Sun Valley in Idaho, is a vacation wonderland.

Sun Valley, Idaho, is an ideal holiday destination all year round. Whether you visit during the winter season or in summertime, you'll always find something to do in Idaho. During the winter, the mountains are covered in snow, making it an ideal place for skiing and sledding or just playing in the snow, and in summer the green hills are perfect for hikes and treks, and there are also many meadows and creeks for tourists to explore and enjoy.


Another point worth mentioning is that Sun Valley, Idaho, lodging will amaze you. The comfort and quality of its resorts and lodges is world renowned. For those planning a vacation to this Heaven-on-Earth, here are eight great reasons to visit.

1. Take a dip in Nature's hot tub

While other holiday destinations might tempt you with hotel spas, jacuzzis, and fancy swimming pools, in Sun Valley, Idaho you can have the unique experience of taking a dip in a hot spring, the natural hot tub. The best part, these hot springs are available in plenty, so you will always be able to find a place for yourself to relax in solitude and enjoy the "oneness with nature." The best hot springs are the Sunbeam hot springs, found in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

2. Try out fly-fishing

During the summer months, when it is not snowing in Sun Valley, Idaho, it is one of the top fly fishing destinations in the country. Fly fishing is a unique technique of fishing, which uses flies as bait instead or worms or other bugs, and attracts certain types of fish found mostly only in this region. This is also a good opportunity to see over 150 different species of birds, including hawks and eagles. Not only that, but just the scenery and beauty of nature around the lakes are an amazing experience.


3. Famous Huckleberry desserts

Not many people would be aware of this, but a café in Sun Valley, Idaho, called "a la Mode" is known for serving some of the top huckleberry desserts in the country. Whether it's ice cream, sundaes, pastries or milkshakes, they do it all and they do it well! Their huckleberry milkshake is the most famous item on the menu and if you ever visit, don't miss out visiting this popular outlet and cool off after a hot day with some of their delicious desserts.

4. The Trailing-of-the-Sheep festival

Sun Valley, Idaho, is a pretty traditional destination and therefore, there are a lot of cultural festivals taking place here throughout the year. One of the top festivals is the Trailing of the Sheep festival, to honor the towns shepherding roots, where the entire town of Ketchum is shut down and over 1,500 sheep are let loose to walk around the town. The festival is filled with fun activities, songs, dance, food and even a wool stall where you can buy some souvenirs to take home.

5. Visit a brewery with its own stillhouse

Not everywhere can you find a great brewery outlet with its own still house, but located in Sun Valley, Idaho, is the Warfield Distillery & Brewery which focuses on the production of gin, vodka, and whiskey. You can not only enjoy some of their locally made alcohol but also take a tour of the distillery and learn about the process of how they make the alcohol from scratch. While trying out all their famous drinks, don’t miss out on their delicious food as well, and definitely make sure to try their signature beef steaks!

6. Explore more than 400 hiking trails

Where else can you find a place with over 400 unique hiking trails? Nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts will simply fall in love with the views you can find on these trails. Whether you're a rookie or a professional hiker, you will definitely find a hiking trail that's perfect for you, and whatever trail you take, you won’t be disappointed with the views, as you'll find that the valley looks picturesque from any point. People who are interested in photography, don’t forget to bring your camera along, as this is a great place to indulge in some landscape photography.


7. To meet artists and visit art galleries

Sun Valley, Idaho, is home to a number of galleries showcasing various pieces of arts, and the unique thing about this place is that you can actually meet some of the artists behind the artworks. Every month, on one Friday, the city organizes an art gallery tour, where people go around and visit galleries, sipping on champagne and Brie cheese, and discuss the works of art with the artists behind them as well as with the local art patrons. This is definitely a unique event and if you admire art, you shouldn’t miss out on it.

8. To experience the world from a higher perspective

Sometimes it's interesting to get a feel of a place from a different perspective and in Sun Valley, Idaho, you can do exactly that. During the summer months, you can engage in some adrenaline sports like paragliding and parasailing at the lakes, and during the winter months, one can take a cable car ride and get an amazing view of the snow capped mountains from a higher angle. The best part about these activities is that they are absolutely safe and they don’t require any prior training, so anyone, including young children and senior citizens, can take part in these activities. This is one thing that you should definitely not miss out on your visit to this beautiful valley.

With so amazing events and activities to take part in at Sun Valley, Idaho, you don't need another reason to make this your next holiday destination. Pack your bags and book one of the best lodging accommodations to get started on your next big adventure.

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