Health tips for travel during the holiday in West Virginia

Health tips for travel during the holiday in West Virginia
Hikers cross a boardwalk through a marsh near Beckley, West Virginia. Photo courtesy

Celebrating the holidays in West Virginia is all about good food and good company, and those of us who have moved away may spend long hours traveling to and from our destinations to ensure we can spend time with family. As a result, it's often difficult to stick to a diet plan, a workout routine, or keep fitness anywhere near the top of our priority list.


Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to avoid holiday weight gain without missing out on all the good cheer. In addition to portion control and responsible alcohol intake, it’s a good idea to keep up with regular exercise, even if all you can manage is a 10-minute workout a day. Here are tips for sticking to your regular workouts while traveling for the holidays:

Exercising While Traveling

Exercise is extremely important when you are traveling across the country, especially during a season geared toward overeating and drinking. While there is no simple way to create exercising platforms behind the wheel or seated at the dinner table, there are outlets at your disposal. If traveling via flight, many major airports provide fitness studios, workout facilities, and yoga sessions for people who are constantly on-the-go. While a one-time fee often accompanies this option, it's better than sitting on your phone for hours as you wait on a layover.

Most offer fitness centers and workout facilities. Guests are usually provided free access, so take advantage of it. If the hotel does not have a facility, odds are the town in which you're staying will maintain some sort of fitness center. Again, one-time fees may be associated with gyms and clubs if you are not a member, but it will keep you active and provide you a healthy collection of options while you're on the road.


Senior Healthcare Support

The holidays can be tough on families who are supporting aging parents and grandparents whether they are enrolled in a managed healthcare organization or have chosen to live at home. Travel can be difficult, which is why proactive healthcare is critical for seniors — so you can enjoy the holidays, knowing that family members are safe at home with actively managed and monitored health.

At-Home Workouts

Most West Virginians live in the countryside, far from large cities and gyms, and so travelers must opt for at-home exercise instead. Create a mini-circuit for yourself with push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, and lunges. In addition, , like chairs and counter-tops, can be used for inverse push-ups and dips.

Keep in mind there are likely plenty of non-traditional exercises that will get your heart racing. For example, the cold winter months call for cozy fires. If you’re looking for an activity, volunteer to cut the wood. How about snow removal? — another full-body activity that will give you all the benefits of a workout.

Discover the Outdoors

Chances are there's a hiking or biking trail within a mile or two of wherever you are in West Virginia, and the state's are in full operation by Christmas, so there's likely plenty to do outdoors. Many organizations, such as , also arrange weekend hikes and excursions.


Whether you’re traveling through the holidays or a short time, you can still find ways to get moving. Staying committed to your diet and exercise routine is a fool-proof way to beat holiday weight-gain and start the New Year on the right foot.

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