Why trains remain the best way to travel modern Russia

The Trans-Siberian wanders through a mountain landscape
The Trans-Siberian wanders through a mountain landscape.

The largest country in the world, Russia stretches more than 6,000 miles from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean. However, its length and breadth may only be practically traversed by a means of transport that is reliable and affordable. Trains!

Trains are the lifeline of the country. From the Trans-Siberian Railway to the Moscow-and-Saint-Petersburg routes, trains are like the blood vessels of the country. Tickets for the travel on Russian railways are available at .

Russian railways have an illustrious history, to say the least. Its rails were the lifelines of the country during the communist regime and long-provided its people with subsidized rail travel. After the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991, the railway system fell into disarray.

In 2001, however, the new Russian government took steps to modernize the train system. The autonomous Russian Railways (RZD) was established, and by 2003 the system had become a fully functional and embarked on a program of dramatic upgrades. Acquiring a French engine works, the RZD introduced new trains, and its rail systems were incrementally modernized.

It is estimated that a high-speed rail network between Moscow and Saint Petersburg will be expanded and could soon encompass the entire national system. An extension plan estimated to cost more than $71 trillion has been undertaken and by 2030 the whole of Russian Railways will be modernized. It will extend to the Bering Straight, making it an important economic tool for the nation’s expanding post-communist economy.

From luxury-train tickets to economical ones, travelers can . As the number of trains traveling daily in Russia is high, finding a suitable train is also easy, and tickets are distributed widely across the scale of affordability to accommodate travelers from all social backgrounds.


Perhaps the best known route for both locals and foreigners, the Trans-Siberian is also perhaps the world’s most iconic. Thousands use the Trans-Siberian to commute across this vast landscape daily.

The system also includes a loop connection from Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Super-fast bullet train speed from Moscow to Saint Petersburg in four hours, though economy class trains are still available to make the scenic journey in less than a day.


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