Thunderbird app enables smooth transfer to Outlook

Transferring emails
Thunderbird's new email transfer app makes migration to Outlook a snap.

There may be plenty of reasons to migrate email to an alternate server. Perhaps you’re needing to change service providers or your corporate email’s server. Perhaps an employee has resigned, requiring you to transfer data to another employee.

In many cases you may be required to transfer a massive amount of information from the inbox and outbox, as well as from the account’s drafts, contacts, calendar entries, and deleted messages.

If you can find the time, you might be able to manually send all the necessary data, or you can copy the letters locally using your email client and transferring them into the new mailbox. But what if you plan to move hundreds of entries?

Many people, both skilled and unskilled, will face the complexities of transferring, or exporting, email data Microsoft Outlook. And there’s much that can go wrong along the way,

In any of these cases, you may want to consider an automated solution, such as , which I recommend and which can save time and help ensure data is not lost or damaged.

This easy-to-use utility enables you to duplicate the entire message list, as well as any other information, and then convert it and move it from one server to another. The utility can work with different protocols and perform the migration quickly, and it includes a module that will allow users to convert emails into a format compatible with Outlook.


The transfer process is simple. Enter the files with the familiar names Drafts, Inbox, Sent, Trash. Then, if you have created additional folders, you may then copy files with the identical name.

Finally, run the solution, and use the converter module. Mark the files for conversion, and start processing them. Once the data is converted, you can easily migrate it to a new email client in a matter of a few clicks.


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