Glenville College to perform at World Bluegrass Conference

Lydia Boyd, Alex Leport, Logan Phares, Isaac Putnum, Chase Arbogast, Nick Blake, Sammy Murphy, and George Lilly.

The Bluegrass Band will join 13 collegiate bluegrass bands from seven states at the International Bluegrass Music Association Foundation’s Bluegrass College Showcase.

The showcase will take place September 27-28 on the Youth Stage at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, during the World of Bluegrass Conference.

This is the third time the Glenville band will be featured at the showcase, according to Dr. Megan Darby, its director, said of the honor.

“The World of Bluegrass is probably the largest-attended event where musicians and fans alike can see and hear just about anyone in the business,” Darby said.R

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“I plan to attend the awards show to represent our program early in the week, and our active students will be featured Friday or Saturday evening. I will also be working and collaborating with other bluegrass instructors, as the IBMA Foundation has coordinated a special college-specific luncheon and seminar for us.


“As always, I appreciate these opportunities to work together with the intent to preserve bluegrass music,” she said.

The IBMA Foundation is a philanthropic organization that supports programs and initiatives fostering the growth of bluegrass music around the world. The Bluegrass College Showcase is one of many events at the World of Bluegrass Conference, which takes place from September 24-28.

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