Glenville State College unveils new transfer program

Glenville State College unveils new transfer program
Clark Hall rises near the highest point on the campus of Glenville State College at Glenville, West Virginia.

Already enjoying increased enrollment, Glenville State College is unveiling a new program that prospective students can use at home to determine the transferability of previous coursework.


The system is designed to help students understand how their transfer classes may equate to classes at the school and apply to degree requirements, according to registrar Ann Reed.

Glenville State College rises on a hill alopng the Little Kanawha River at Glenville, West Virginia.
Glenville State College rises on a hill along the Little Kanawha River.

“This system—which is ideal for those planning on transferring to GSC—gives students a really good idea of what credits they can get and how it pertains to our requirements,” Reed said.

Earlier this month, officials announced an increase in fall enrollment of 425 traditional and online students, which they attributed to the school's relative affordability and its student-support initiatives.


Size and location are also among the chief reasons many students transfer to the school, says college spokesman Dustin Crutchfield.

"We’ve heard from students who started their higher education journey at a larger school, only to find that it wasn’t a good fit for them academically or socially," Crutchfield said.

"They say they prefer our campus because they aren’t just one person in a sea of other students in a large lecture hall. Here, they have the chance to get to know their professors one-on-one."

Current enrollment at the school is 1,540, while the population of the adjacent Town of Glenville is just more than 1,400.


"This helps them learn the material better," Crutchfield says, "and it provides networking opportunities that help them after graduation."

Located near the very center of West Virginia, the campus is a drive of fewer than two hours from much of the state population.

Reed says that the college has been keeping records relating to course transfer equivalencies from other institutions since the early 1990s, and this has resulted in a database of thousands of courses to view and compare through the system.

Staff in the registrar’s office will be available to assist students who have questions or whose transfer credits may not be listed in the new system.


For more information, contact the Registrar’s Office at or call 304- 462-4117.

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