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Adaland National Historic Landmark

National Historic Landmark -- Berryberg, West Virginia -- Barbour County

Built by Augustus Modisett in 1870, the Modisett mansion is a classic Greek Revival home, built with the labor of emancipated slaves. Its original carriage house and barn contribute to the property's  reflection of 19th century farm life in West Virginia. In 1920, West Virginia Chief Justice Ira Ellsworth Robinson acquired the property and renamed it "Adaland" in honor of his wife, Ada Sinsel. After moving into the home, Robinson continued his law practice, dabbled in farming, and founded the Barbour County Historical Society. The buildings at Adaland have been carefully restored and opened for public tours and special events such as weddings, luncheons and holiday gatherings. Berryburg is located on highway WV-76 northwest of .

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