Alberts Chapel

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The Alberts Chapel Cemetery follows Sand Ridge behind Alberts Chapel. Photo: David Sibray.

Albert's Chapel, a national historic landmark at Sand Ridge, West Virginia, in Calhoun County, was named to honor Albert Poling, who saw to its organization and construction. Methodist preacher Wesley Poling, who was Albert's father, and Albert's brothers Asbury and Charles, donated the land, lumber and labor, in the form of carpentry, necessary to build the church in 1903. The Poling family and other Sand Ridge residents rest in the cemetery that skirts the chapel.

The most interesting feature of the Carpenter Gothic chapel is its octagonal shape and its belfry and pointed top windows, which combine to create a sense of upward reach. The chapel is a rare surviving example of the efforts of early Methodists to create maximum space with a minimum of materials by making octagonal buildings. Sand Ridge, West Virginia, is located northeast of .

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