Hatfield Cemeteries

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National Historic Landmarks -- Sarah Ann and New Town, West Virginia -- Logan County / Mingo County

The infamous feud  between the Hatfields and McCoys helped fill two cemeteries with Hatfields. Near Sarah Ann, West Virginia, in Logan County, a sculpture of Captain Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield, leader of the Hatfield clan, stands guard above his grave. The marker lists the names of 13 Hatfield children and is inscribed: "Capt. Anderson Hatfield 1839-1921" and "Levicy Chafin-Hatfield 1842-1929." The earliest marker at this cemetery is of the child Captain S. (1891-1898). Troy and Elias Hatfield, who were killed in a gun battle in 1911, rest beside one another alongside Captain Hatfield's grave. A third Hatfield son, Johnson, or "Johnse," is interred in the plot. Another 21 Hatfields are interred in the the one-acre Hatfield Cemetery at New Town in Mingo County.

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