Pence Springs Hotel Historic District

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Old hotel at Pence Springs

National Historic District -- Pence Springs, West Virginia -- Summers County

Water from the mineral spring at Pence Springs has long won awards, including that for mineral waters at the 1904 Saint Louis Exposition. Andrew Pence built a hotel which burned and afterward, in 1918, rebuilt a three-story brick hotel in the Georgian and Italian Revival style. The grand resort flourished through the 1920s with a golf caddy house and golf course, springhouse, hotel garage, pavilion ballroom, commercial kitchen, hotel workers dormitory, hotel manager's/warden's home, guard house, bottling works. After the resort closed in 1929 and the bottling plant in 1935, the State of West Virginia purchased the hotel property for use as a penitentiary for women which operated for 37 years. The historic district covers about 30 acres of land. After a two-year renovation, the hotel and surrounding 140 acres is the home of Greenbrier Academy for Girls.

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