Kumbrabow State Forest

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Kumbrabow State Forest, in eastern West Virginia, protects 9,474 acres of mountainous forest on and flanking the southern summit of Rich Mountain near Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia. Its terrain descends variously from the summits of Rich Mountain, at more than 3,900 feet above sea level, to the tributaries of the , Middle Fork River, , and the at roughly 2,400 feet above sea level.

The forest was extensively logged before and after the turn of the 20th century. Red spruce covered much of the highland area within the forest and has since begun to re-establish itself. The West Virginia Conservation Commission purchased the forest area from the Midland Corporation in 1934, and the Civilian Conservation Corps soon thereafter began building facilities, including its rock-work picnic shelters. Hunting, hiking, and fishing are principal recreational endeavors facilitated at the forest. Lodging is accomodated in rustic cabins. The name "Kumbrabow" is a portmanteau of the surnames of its chief proponents -- Spates Brady, Hubert Bowers, Governor Herman G. Kump.

Kumbrabow State Forest is located southwest of , in southern Randolph County in the Allegheny Highlands Region in east-central West Virginia.

Kumbrabow State Forest
PO Box 65
Huttonsville, WV 26273

Phone: 304-335-2219

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