Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area

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Water Lillies, Green Bottom

The 1,096-acre Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area (WMA) protects a mix of forest, wetland, pasture, and open water along the Ohio River. Game traditionally taken in the management area include deer, squirrel, rabbit, mourning dove, and waterfowl. Deer hunting is restricted to muzzle-loading firearms and archery equipment. The Ohio River accommodates fishing for carp, bass, crappie, sauger, channel catfish, and freshwater drum. Camping is prohibited in the management area

Directions: The Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area is located in eastern Cabell County and western Mason County 16 miles northeast of , and 10 miles north of . The area is accessible by highway WV-2.

The Green Bottom Wildlife Management Area is managed by the W.Va. Division of Natural Resources. It was formerly known as the Greenbottom Public Hunting & Fishing Area.

Hotels near Green Bottom WMA

Regional Information

Further information on lodging, dining, and recreation in the Greem Bottom Wildlife Management Area may be found in our guide to travel in the Metro Valley Region in western West Virginia, in which the managmenet area is located. Travelers visiting the area northward will also find information under the Mid-Ohio Valley Region in northwestern West Virginia.